Gemstone Size: How to Buy Precious Gemstones

Knowing how to buy precious gemstones can be extremely useful. There are many different aspects that you must consider when picking out your ideal gemstone. Though the size of a gemstone seems fairly straightforward, it can actually be quite complicated. For more information on buying gemstones in Tucson AZ, visit our Mcguires Jewelers location.


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Gemstone Size Versus Gemstone Weight

The carat may seem like the standard way to determine size, but it is not always the best way to accurately describe the size of a gem. A carat is merely a measurement of weight, so the actual size of the gemstone is hard to figure out from the carat. Various gemstones have various densities, which means that the molecules inside of some gemstones are more compact than others. Since a diamond is less dense than a ruby, a one carat diamond looks bigger than a one carat ruby. When buying precious gemstones, it can be very helpful to learn the length, width, and diameter of a gemstone in order to determine the size.


Calibrated Gemstone Sizes

Gemstones are often sold as calibrated sizes, which are standardized gemstone sizes. By selling gemstones in common sizes, it is possible to ensure that several settings will fit the same gemstone. An example of a common calibrated size is the 8×6 mm size for oval and emerald cut gemstones. If you buy a calibrated size, you do not have to bother with a custom setting. Though most commercial jewelry is created to fit these standardized gemstone sizes, a skilled jeweler can often alter a setting to make it fit an unusual size.


How Gemstone Size Affects Value

In general, larger gemstones are more rare, and therefore they are more expensive. However, the cut of a gemstone may affect its size. There are ideal proportions that gem cutters usually follow in order to maximize the reflective quality of a gemstone. Occasionally, a gem cutter will choose to stray slightly from the proportions in order to leave more of the rough gemstone’s size intact. A large, poorly cut stone may actually be less expensive than a smaller stone with a perfect cut.

 Considering the size of a gemstone is one of the most important steps to take when you are buying precious jewels. A larger gemstone makes a statement while a smaller one is delicately beautiful. Regardless of what size you end up choosing, a talented jeweler can help you find the perfect setting for your gemstone. Mcguires Jewelers is your premier gemstone Jewelry store in Tucson.


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